Randie Johal

Running for Victoria Council

What would be your highest priorities in the next four years to reduce the total energy use and emissions from transportation?

Highest priorities in the next four years for reduction:

Having BC Transit explore:

  1. a) Alternative fuel/energy used buses, such as CNG/Electric.
  2. b) Explore the use of smaller feeder buses to the main route buses where the feeder bus holds 30 or less passengers and the main highway routes could be articulate or double decker buses.
  3. c) Make transit more efficient, through city roadway rules being transit friendly.

Synchronizing the lights along Douglas and Blanshard Streets to keep traffic moving to lower the emissions from idling vehicles

Providing K-12 children free or reduced cost bus passes. Alternatively providing a greater number of school buses at all of the schools reducing the need for parents having to pickup or drop off students at school in their cars.

Partnering with Provincial/Federal governments to provide greater incentives for drivers in the purchasing of lower/zero emissions vehicles.

Over the next 4 years, would you support increasing the space for walking, biking, and public transit and reducing that for private motor vehicles in your community? How would you do that?

Yes. I would support increasing all forms of alternate transportation versus private motor vehicles. This would start with public consultation with all of the neighbourhood associations. Each neighbourhood as a whole needs to have a voice as to changes that occur as do the businesses, transit and those with disabilities from each area. Working with City Hall staff to ensure the consultation has transparency and respectful dialogue.

Would you actively encourage the provincial government to prioritize public transit, walking and biking infrastructure over roadway expansion projects such as the proposed interchanges on the Pat Bay Highway?

Yes I would encourage provincial government and, this would be benefited by Amalgamation Yes vote. We would have a stronger voice when speaking to the provincial government  by the sheer increased number of residents represented.

Do you support making walking safer and more enjoyable in the City of Victoria?


What specific policies, projects and expenditures would you support in the next four years to make walking safer and more pleasant in the City of Victoria?

  1. Prioritizing all upgrading of sidewalks to have a standard. All repairs to adapt  to this standard which does not exclude anyone from its use regardless of their level of disability.  
  2. Audible/visual cues at every crosswalk to allow safe crossing by all.
  3. Introducing volunteer crossing ambassadors during the summer months to support all walking residents/tourists navigate through our busiest intersections such as:
    1. Bellville at Government
    2. Bellville at Menzies
    3. Wharf/Government / Humboldt

 Do you support building a community-wide network of all ages and abilities (“AAA”) bike routes in the next four years?

I support the building of a community-wide network that does work for all ages and abilities. We have heard from many residents that the current design has resulted in many:

  • bike on bike accidents
  • pedestrian and bike accidents
  • bike and car accidents

There needs to be greater consultation with all to provide a better, safer design. The bike lanes are an excellent alternative for all and need to be safe as the greatest priority. Some of the changes we were asked to do, single direction bike lane, yellow yield indication for bicyclist intersections where currently only green and red lights, wider lanes for the buses from the current 3  meters on these routes.

 Do you support completing the downtown AAA bikeway grid on Wharf St, Humboldt St and Vancouver St?

We need to have full consultation in order of have a functioning active transportation system. Lack of engagement with Fort Street businesses was a mistake that should not be repeated. Lack of consultation with accessible representatives should not be repeated. Costs need to be considered when moving forward with the grid as we must be fiscally responsible.

Would you support completing the 24/7 bus lanes along the Douglas Street/Highway 1 corridor, as well as along other routes such as the Pat Bay Highway as a high priority for municipalities and the BC government in the next four years?


Would you support keeping the E&N railway as a railway and actively campaign for electrified passenger and freight services?

Yes, I would support lobbying the provincial government.

Would you support and actively campaign for street-level electrified rapid transit in the greater Victoria region? If so, along what routes

Yes, I would suggest we start with Colwood to Downtown corridor as phase 1. The next would be Sidney to Downtown phase 2. Both these phases would have a feeder to University of Victoria along McKenzie Avenue.


In the next four years, would you support removing the requirements for off-street vehicle parking from new and infill developments?

There is always openness to see alternatives, however the consultation process has to be the starting point in the implementation of change. One rule fits all neighbourhoods and developments is not a practical solution.

In the next four years, how, would you activate and bring more people into public spaces within your municipality, including sidewalks, public squares, streets and parks?

We have to address the issue of people not feeling safe coming into the city. Building strong bridges between the police and the community.  Providing event organizers with grants to host community events that foster community to build inclusive and welcoming events for all community members.

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