Charlayne Thornton-Joe

Running for Victoria Councillor

What would be your highest priorities in the next four years to reduce the total energy use and emissions from transportation?

My priorities would be on improving transit, cycling and walking. In the past, as my husband was employed by BC Transit, I was unable to participate fully in Transit discussions, but as he will be retiring soon, I will be able to be an active and informed participant!

Over the next 4 years, would you support increasing the space for walking, biking, and public transit and reducing that for private motor vehicles in your community? How would you do that?

Yes, we have already started this with previous councils and with protected bike lanes now downtown, the hope would be to continue this with gradually increasing routes. As well, further enhancing transit with the support of the new Next Bus smart bus technology. By working with other levels of government for funding will assist with the advancement of these.

Would you actively encourage the provincial government to prioritize public transit, walking and biking infrastructure over roadway expansion projects such as the proposed interchanges on the Pat Bay Highway?

Transit, walking and biking all reduce greenhouse gas emissions—we need to continue to expand these alternative sources of transportation versus continuing to focus on the car culture. However, priority also needs to be on building affordable housing near transportation links and where people work so they do not have to rely on cars so heavily.

Do you support making walking safer and more enjoyable in the City of Victoria?

Absolutely. This also adds to the overall wellness in our communities.

What specific policies, projects and expenditures would you support in the next four years to make walking safer and more pleasant in the City of Victoria?

We need wider sidewalks, better lighting, safer crosswalks, more annual repairs of trip hazards and more funding needs to be provided to make it safer for those with disabilities such as truncated domes.

Do you support building a community-wide network of all ages and abilities (“AAA”) bike routes in the next four years?

Yes, this reduces the reliance on cars and improves community wellness. Funding must be sought to make sure that this is achievable.

Do you support completing the downtown AAA bikeway grid on Wharf St, Humboldt St and Vancouver St?

Yes, but this decision is reliant on necessary information and funds. We also need to learn from the experience of Fort and Pandora Streets and take those lessons learned to make necessary changes.

Would you support completing the 24/7 bus lanes along the Douglas Street/Highway 1 corridor, as well as along other routes such as the Pat Bay Highway as a high priority for municipalities and the BC government in the next four years?

Yes, this is important as cars wait in traffic as buses move past them in a priority lane will make people more motivated to take public transit.

Would you support keeping the E&N railway as a railway and actively campaign for electrified passenger and freight services?

I would want to carefully review this—while we have protected railway routes, a balance needs to be present between economic viability for rail service versus alternate forms of transportation.

Would you support and actively campaign for street-level electrified rapid transit in the greater Victoria region? If so, along what routes?

Yes, this reduces greenhouse gas emissions and provides mass transit in a quick and effective way. I would favour a phased approach eventually linking the West Shore, Sidney, Downtown Victoria and University of Victoria.

In the next four years, would you support removing the requirements for off-street vehicle parking from new and infill developments?

I would favour a balanced approach—we need to balance the needs of others who may rely on transportation such as taxis, deliveries, seniors, persons with limited mobility.

In the next four years, how, would you activate and bring more people into public spaces within your municipality, including sidewalks, public squares, streets and parks?

This requires vision, planning, partnerships and financial supports. We need to make this spaces feel and be safe, they may have to have programming of activities or opportunities for people to sit, children to play, dogs to run. We need to work with neighbourhoods to see what is lacking in their neighbourhood and what we can do to address these concerns.

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