Sean Leitenberg

Running for Victoria Councillor

What would be your highest priorities in the next four years to reduce the total energy use and emissions from transportation?

Creating a free transit system bringing commuters from outside the downtown core into the downtown. This would include parking facilities for cars and bikes where commuters could park their vehicles and get on the reliable frequent transit system and leave their car safely parked.

Over the next 4 years, would you support increasing the space for walking, biking, and public transit and reducing that for private motor vehicles in your community? How would you do that?

Yes I would with proper maintenance of our sidewalks which are in terrible shape and unsafe in many places. Support more biking by creating and promoting certain streets as bike friendly streets creating a network to get cyclist almost anywhere. This does not necessarily mean reducing motor vehicles though.

Would you actively encourage the provincial government to prioritize public transit, walking and biking infrastructure over roadway expansion projects such as the proposed interchanges on the Pat Bay Highway?


Do you support making walking safer and more enjoyable in the City of Victoria?


What specific policies, projects and expenditures would you support in the next four years to make walking safer and more pleasant in the City of Victoria?

Fixing our crumbling sidewalks and dealing with the problems for pedestrians to access bus stops across the bike lanes.

Do you support building a community-wide network of all ages and abilities (“AAA”) bike routes in the next four years?


Do you support completing the downtown AAA bikeway grid on Wharf St, Humboldt St and Vancouver St?

Yes but only after proper consultation and examination of the budget and design.

Would you support completing the 24/7 bus lanes along the Douglas Street/Highway 1 corridor, as well as along other routes such as the Pat Bay Highway as a high priority for municipalities and the BC government in the next four years?

Yes but only after proper consultation and examination of budget and design.

Would you support keeping the E&N railway as a railway and actively campaign for electrified passenger and freight services?


Would you support and actively campaign for street-level electrified rapid transit in the greater Victoria region? If so, along what routes?

Yes on routes connecting major shopping and services such as hospitals to residential areas and downtown.

In the next four years, would you support removing the requirements for off-street vehicle parking from new and infill developments?

Only with proper neighbourhood consultation and on a case by case scenario with the exception of garden suites and basement suites or additions that are produced as affordable rental units.

In the next four years, how, would you activate and bring more people into public spaces within your municipality, including sidewalks, public squares, streets and parks?

By creating more neighbourhood events and festivals in the downtown core and giving grants to support such events to local neighbourhood organizations. This also increases the arts within our community.

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