A New Way to Advocate for Island Transformations

Island Transformations was very pleased to be invited to be a part of this non-partisan group of organizations that are working to bring more transport choices to people. Due to the lack of choices, myself included, we are reliant on one mode of transport the automobile.  I find driving:

  • To be a mind-numbing waste of time often caught in traffic inching a few feet at a time.
  • To lack the social interaction you get with my fellow Victorians using other forms of transportation.
  • To have a large impact on the environment. Think about it, every aspect of the car from building, to driving, to the required infrastructure is so destructive to the environment.
  • To be expensive and have a significant impact on my cost of living.
  • To be prioritized by the majority of municipal councillors in our region reducing the available funds for alternative modes of transportation.  
  • To increase the risk of injury for myself, other drivers, pedestrians and cyclist.

Island transformations have been a proponent of alternatives to the car for a long time. We advocate for rail transportation of people and goods to be restored to the E&N and for less dependency on carbon-based energy sources, sustainable urban design planning and energy use that will make our region vibrant and strong. We feel that rail helped build our city into the great place it is today and can help make it a better place for the future.

We believe that the clear way forward is to focus on safer, more socially cohesive, more productive, less polluting transportation alternatives that allow everyone to move about their communities and carry out their day to day activities.

This is why we support the groups in Victorians for Transportation Choice (VTC)  and in their bids to advocate for more resources being allocated towards other modes of transportation in Greater Victoria.

This brings me back to this website and questionnaire. We want you, dear voter, to read through the candidates’ responses in your municipality and vote for the people to represent you and your views on transportation and energy use issues that impact the Greater Victoria Region. We also invite you to start the discussion with your friends, family and neighbours to inform why good transportation choices are important and how it improves your communities.

The questionnaires are being sent out now; we are awaiting responses and will post them as soon as we can get them up! So keep checking back in and if a candidate you know, hasn’t sent in a submission, please contact them and ask them to.


Eric Diller

President ITO

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